The Ornithologist's Wife
Title The Ornithologist's Wife
Author James Neil Arber
Publisher Random House
Type Romance
Setting The Island of Hegg

"The Ornithologist's Wife" is a famous Novel by Author James Arber. Before the release of "A Simple Guidebook to Hegg," it was the only book ever written about the island. However, the book does not offer an accurate depiction of life on the island, as James Arber, googled the entire book, though he lied to the press that he had gone on many research trips. 

Plot Edit

Not much is known about the plot of the book. The story takes place on Hegg, and some locations mentioned in the book include a castle, containing the hall of a million feathers, and the cathedral, where the main characters finally kiss.

The Ornithologist's wife's name is Maggie, which is revealed by Lara when she mistakes Isaebelle for her. She believes that James based Maggie off of Iseabelle and described Maggie as "Maggie, who would not bend, who turns on her oppressors." The main character is an Ornithologist named Jackson Kandinsky, which can be seen when James is writing the beginning of his second book on the typewriter.

Lara also mentions the following quote from the book, which is said to be in chapter 49, "the sea turns and shakes its manicals of salt at the sharp rocks on which too many waves have died."

Lara's agent, Steve Korbitz also read the following passage from the book "The guilds-work glistened proudly; time had in no way diminished the splendors of this castle."

Author James Arber also stated that the architecture of the book was deliberate.

Reception Edit

The book is famous actress Lara Tyler's favorite, and she had an "Ornithologist's Wife," themed wedding.

The Hegg book club gave it a 4 out of 10, stating that it "picked up around page 600."

Katie NicAoidh also mentioned that the love story was "soul-less."

Trivia Edit

  • The people of Hegg use the book as toilet paper
  • According to Katie, everyone on Hegg who can read has read it.
  • On his message machine, James left a note to his publishers saying: "Hello, I'm sorry I can't take your call right now; if that's Random House, I've had a succession of computer issues and an illness, but it's going really well and I'll be mailing some chapters out on the weekend."